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Spray neutralize tower

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Product origin : Liaoning,China

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Supply capacity : 30 sets / month

Spray purification and neutralization system

1) Sodium hypochlorite spray purification and neutralization process

Occurred crude acetylene gas, first into a clear tower and dilute sodium hypochlorite contact, into the tower and concentrated sodium hypochlorite contact, to clear acetylene gas phosphine, hydrogen sulfide and other magazines, and then acetylene gas into the tower and use Sodium hydroxide solution to acid mist, qualified acetylene gas and overhead tower out, sent to the gas tank or compression process. Each tower is circulated by a circulating pump. After the preparation of sodium hypochlorite solution, the pump into the tower to use two clear, reduced concentration of sodium hypochlorite into a clean tower as a detergent.

2) Sodium hypochlorite spray purification system features

1. Sodium hypochlorite purification method, has good corrosion resistance. Long life characteristics.

2. In strict accordance with the standards of national purification equipment designed and manufactured.

3. With 10% silver nitrate test paper does not change color, to meet the national standard of purified acetylene gas.

4. This set of equipment to handle gas, can work continuously.

5. Purification equipment belongs to the whole low-pressure process, out of the tower does not contain acid-base ingredients, does not affect the life of the compressor.

3) Sodium hypochlorite spray purification system advantages

1. Due to the uniqueness of the pharmaceutical intermediates industry, the purifying liquid is continuously and automatically added and the residual liquid is automatically discharged, thereby overcoming the defect that the purifying quality of the original sodium chlorate purification device is unstable. The purifying liquid can be adjusted and purified according to the amount of acetylene gas to be treated Liquid supplement, so that the device is in the most effective operating conditions;

2. By the additional sodium hypochlorite pump cycle into the purification tower top, the effective chlorine content will not exceed the standard, so that more secure security;

3. Compact structure, small footprint;

4. Device is simple, easy to maintain;

5. Device investment costs low.

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