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Open acetylene generator

Brand : Jinding

Product origin : Liaoning,China

Delivery time : 20-45 days

Supply capacity : 10 sets / month

Open acetylene generator

Open acetylene generator for large pieces of calcium carbide, calcium carbide particle size below 200 into buckets, lifting buckets with explosion-proof electric hoist, and then by hand feeding or belt conveyor feeding. Calcium carbide is added into the barrel from the upper part of the feeding barrel and enters the inside of the generator through the water surface. The calcium carbide is uniformly distributed on the grating plate by the distributing device to react with water to generate acetylene gas and calcium hydroxide. Acetylene gas due to filling drum and overflow tube water seal can only be scrubber spray water washing and cooling into the low-pressure system. The production of calcium hydroxide deposited in the generator cone at the end, after a certain period of time by the slag discharge pipe into the slag pool. Different types of open acetylene gas generator in between 80 ~ 300m3 / h.

Product features:

1. The raw material calcium carbide wide range of particle size. This generator can use large pieces of calcium carbide. Calcium carbide particle size in the most suitable 200-50mm, a small amount of calcium carbide can be used below 50mm. Calcium carbide do not have to be broken, eliminating the need for crushing equipment and dust removal equipment.

2. Can ensure safe production. Generator and scrubber, safety water seal two in one. Acetylene gas is washed, cooled to a cleaner gas, will not block the pipes and valves, is conducive to safe production. When the pressure in the generator exceeds the water seal height of the charging cylinder, the acetylene gas will be automatically discharged from the charging cylinder and discharged to the outside along the exhaust pipe, and will be relieved than the general safety water seal Quick and timely, to ensure the safe operation of the generator.

3. Acetylene gas purity, high calcium carbide efficiency. Open acetylene generator does not require replacement of nitrogen gas, high purity acetylene gas, generally up to 99%. As the calcium carbide without breaking, reducing the broken small particles of calcium carbide, powder loss, improve the efficiency of calcium carbide.

4. Simple structure, lower equipment costs and operating costs. Open-type generator simple structure, there is no transmission equipment and ancillary motor, no air compressor, no crushing, dust removal equipment, thus greatly reducing the investment in equipment. This generator, regardless of the size of a single set, reduce operator and reduce operating costs.

5. Open-type generator with automatic slag discharge and manual or slag two kinds of use, manual slag eight hours to use once on the generator in the working state has no effect, automatic slag generator in normal work can be used continuously , Does not affect the generator effect, automatic slag discharge and manual slag are not leaked gas.

6. Open-type acetylene generator to drive a nitrogen replacement, nitrogen consumption less waste of acetylene gas less, driving, saving 3% to 5%.

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