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No heat regeneration molecular sieve high pressure dryer

Brand : Jinding

Product origin : Liaoning,China

Delivery time : 10-30 days

Supply capacity : 30 sets / month

No heat regeneration molecular sieve high pressure dryer

Molecular sieve high pressure dryer has the advantages of high safety performance, high work efficiency, small loss of acetylene, long service time of packing, and the like. In line with national capacity standards, the use of molecular sieve as a filler, automatic control, no one can operate for a long time without replacement filler. Install a safety valve, safe and reliable. Installed with the recovery of gas water separator, so that the steam blowing out of separation, the gas can be recovered into the gas tank. Between the stand-alone installation of one-way valve, globe valve, flame arrester, safety valve, equipment and pipelines will be in a safe state forever.


1. Desiccant adsorption vessel strength design according to acetylene decomposition explosion pressure to calculate, therefore, even if the container decomposition of acetylene explosion, the container is still safe;

2. Adsorption vessel filled with molecular sieve desiccant, and the molecular sieve in the course of the use will not sink, the container will not appear empty volume and detonation;

3. Device operation is automatically controlled by the switching operation, so simple operation, high degree of automation.


1. Drying effect is good, under normal working conditions can reach below 0.2g / m3

2. Packing will not sink, the upper part of the empty volume will not appear, and the switching cycle is short, smaller design, good safety performance

3. Drying capacity, capacity up to 80-160 m3 / h

4. Easy to operate, without frequent replacement of desiccant or artificial regenerative desiccant, regeneration with automatic switching to complete

5. Desiccant replacement cycle is long, generally more than two years to replace.

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