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Mixed gas

Brand : Jinding

Product origin : Liaoning,China

Delivery time : 30 days

Supply capacity : Customized on demand

Mixed gas

SpeciesIngredientsComposition and concentrationFilling pressureRemarks
Lighting mixtureAr/NeAr 0.01-3%10MPa
N2/ArAr 30-50%
Kr-Ar/N2N2 12-17%
Xe-Ne-Ar/HeKr 1-5% Ar 5-30%
CH3Br/KrXe 3-7% Ne 1-5% AR 5-10%
Laser mixed gasCO2/HeCO2 10-34%10Mpa
CO2-N2/HeCO2 4.5—16% N2 10—25%10Mpa
Reduced mixed gasCO/N2CO 20-40% N2 balance gas10MPa
H2//N2H230-70% N2 balance gas
CO/N2CO 20-50% N2 balance gas
O-H2/N2CO 30-40% N240-60% H25-15%
Welding mixed gasO2/ArO2 1-5% Ar balance gas10MPASuitable: carbon steel
CO2/ArCO210-20 Ar balance gas10MPASuitable: carbon steel
O2/ArO2 1-2% Ar balance gas15MPASuitable: low alloy steel
O2/ArO21-2% Ar balance gas10MPASuitable: high alloy steel
CO2/ArCO21-5% Ar balance gas10MPASuitable: high alloy steel
O2/ArO21-2% Ar balance gas10MPASuitable: stainless steel
CO2/ArCO25-10 Ar balance gas10MPASuitable: stainless steel
He/ArHe 30-40% Ar balance gas10MPASuitable: stainless steel
He/ArHe 50-80% Ar balance gas10MPASuitable: copper nickel and alloy

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