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Drum bubble purification tower

Brand : Jinding

Product origin : Liaoning,China

Delivery time : 10-30 days

Supply capacity : 30 sets / month

Sulfuric acid bubbling purification system

Acetylene gas cooling pretreatment into the first purification tower, the first tower used in the second tower of dilute sulfuric acid, a concentration of 70% -80%, which is mainly to reduce acetylene gas water, drying and remove some impurities. Acetylene gas re-enter the second purification tower (main purification tower), with a concentration of 85% -97% sulfuric acid, its role is to reduce the content of phosphine and other impurities; and then re-enter the third column and lye (Concentration of 4% -8%) neutralization, the acetylene acid into a soluble salt and remove. Sulfuric acid and sodium hydroxide solutions are used corrosion-resistant pump as a driving force, the liquid spray acetylene gas. Acetylene gas through the filter before entering the compression system to ensure the compressor inlet cleanliness. Purification tower filled with polypropylene saddle corrugated packing to increase the gas-liquid contact area

Features: good gas purification, gas handling capacity, cleaning fluid replacement cycle length.

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